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Why do Doctors Love MARI Method?

I Recommend MARI Method to My patients

I Recommend MARI Method to my patients because…(con’t)

I recommend the MARI METHOD to my patients because it is a program that addresses all the areas necessary for permanent weight loss. It includes diet, exercise, brain training, and group support along with the encouragement needed to be successful.

Mari Ann Lisenbe has a cutting edge nutritional program that is applied only after the patient’s metabolic classification is identified. This makes the diet more appropriate to the individual and prevents common mistakes that sabotage weight loss. It includes new recipes and healthy food choices. As a medical doctor who practices Functional Medicine, I treat many patients with gluten sensitivity. This diet helps them stick to a gluten free diet for the long term.

The exercise portion includes yoga based and interval exercise so you not only improve cardiovascular conditioning, but also flexibility and strength. The exercise instruction is available 24 hours a day via the internet so there are no excuses for not participating.

The Brain Training is the glue that makes this program so effective. It is made up of quick, easy to watch videos that encourage healthy eating and lifestyle choices. By changing the way you think about food and health, you are more likely to stick with this healthy program.

I can confidently recommend this program to anyone looking for a lasting weight loss solution.

Jody Caldwell MD
Functional Medicine Family Practitioner

Her Multi-Way Approach Works Best

As an M.D. with over 50 years in general practice working with … (more)

As an M.D. with over 50 years in general practice working with overweight people, I am very much impressed by The MARI Method to manage weight loss.

The MARI Method ‘s idea of using a multi-way approach seems to me much more reasonable and advisable than traditional diets since a great deal of the weight loss problem is emotional, even spiritual in a certain way. This goal might be more easily achieved using The MARI Method since this program addresses all the areas necessary for sustained weight loss.

I wish you continued success, for many people need this program. I am certain that your way is the right one. Good luck for you and your clients.

Dieter Hoffmann MD FAFP
Past President of the Will Grundy Medical Society

For Those Serious About Losing Weight

So many diets or fitness programs miss the boat when it comes … (more)

So many diets or fitness programs miss the boat when it comes to safe and long lasting weight loss. Not only are MARI Method participants getting lasting weight release they are getting a step by step system to follow which helps to re-program our behaviors. This simple system combined with community support is the best program I have seen so far.

I know this because I personally have used the MARI Method after having my first baby. I was unmotivated, run down, and 8 lbs heavier.

Although I am a slow starter I found the “Brain Training” to be the most useful to get me motivated to want to work out and make different food choices. Here is just one example from the other day; I said no to these amazing looking desserts while my friends all indulged and I truly didn’t even desire a bite of them.

And my patients are doing outstanding too. They are releasing weight, making healthy choices and even improving their overall moods with the MARI Method.

The value of the program is outstanding. With the eating plans, recipes, Brain Training videos, Workout videos and much, much more I feel it is a very affordable program for those who are serious about losing weight, getting healthy and staying healthy for the long term.

I am extremely happy I partnered with MARI Method in my practice.


Dr. Mary Starr Carter DC
Doctor of Chiropractic and Wellness Consultant
New York

What is MARI Method About?


What You Get With

‘The Mari Method’

Online Boot Camp

First, let me tell you that ‘The Mari Method’ is medically approved and produces lasting results!

We help you lose the weight in a very unconventional way. With ‘The Mari Method’ we literally take you by the hand and give you everything you need to lose weight fast AND to keep that weight off for good.

But, there’s

  • NO! Counting Calories
  • NO! Getting Up at 4:00 A.M. for Boot Camp
  • NO! Going to the Gym… Period!
  • NO! Feeling Hungry or Deprived

Instead, Here's everything you get with
“The Mari Method” Online Bootcamp

"Brain Training" - Thought-provoking videos, audio and written exercises that take the struggle out of losing weight.

Brain Training is what makes weight loss easy… AND permanent!

  • "Brain Training" Motivational Videos – help "re-train" your brain in the least possible amount of time. Watch online from your mobile phone, TV, or personal computer and see your food choices change "automatically"!

  • "Firmation" Audios you can listen online, or download to your iPod. These help re-affirm your decision to END your "bondage" to food, and to live a healthy life at your desired weight!

  • "Written Exercises" these short, but highly effective written exercises will help you realize that you CAN lose weight, keep it off, and live the life you’ve only dreamed about!


"YoMetrics" – You’ll receive SIX (6) complete YoMetrics workout videos. Here’s where I personally guide you through YoMetrics workouts and "de-stress" breathing techniques. No other exercises produce visible results as quickly as Yometrics!


"30 Second Fat Blaster Workouts"You’ll receive THIRTY SIX (36) Strategically Designed 30-Second Fat Blaster workouts. Video and written instructions walk you through Fat Blaster workouts. Develop lean muscles and turn your body into a literal “fat-burning machine” with these short, 30 second bursts (yes, you read that correctly… 30 SECONDS!)


"Eat-Smart" Nutrition Training – “The Mari Method” nutritional training EMPOWERS you with everything you need to know to quickly burn belly fat. And, you'll find that you lose fat WITHOUT feeling deprived!

helps burn belly fat in women and men


"Eat-Smart" Recipes!- Our website includes over 100 delicious, belly fat-busting recipes…with more added monthly.

belly fat burning recipes


"Personalized Attention" – Active support community where you get direct support and feedback from Mari Ann and other members of “The Mari Method”.


"Immediate Access" - During your membership you will be granted access to the EXACT Tools, Techniques and Exercises you must have to WIN your lifelong battle of the bulge! These tools are delivered to you in the Private Members area, with new material released incrementally each week.


"Weekly Instruction" - Using the power of the Internet, you'll receive step by step instructions as I take you by the hand and lead you through the MARI Method Online Bootcamp.

(You'll receive EVERYTHING you need to put you on the road to
permanent weight loss and fitness…all in the convenience of YOUR OWN HOME!)

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