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What You Get With

‘The Mari Method’

Online Boot Camp

First, let me tell you that ‘The Mari Method’ is medically approved and produces lasting results!

We help you lose the weight in a very unconventional way. With ‘The Mari Method’ we literally take you by the hand and give you everything you need to lose weight fast AND to keep that weight off for good.

But, there’s

  • NO! Counting Calories
  • NO! Getting Up at 4:00 A.M. for Boot Camp
  • NO! Going to the Gym… Period!
  • NO! Feeling Hungry or Deprived

Instead, Here's everything you get with
“The Mari Method” Online Bootcamp

"Brain Training" - Thought-provoking videos, audio and written exercises that take the struggle out of losing weight.

Brain Training is what makes weight loss easy… AND permanent!

  • "Brain Training" Motivational Videos – help "re-train" your brain in the least possible amount of time. Watch online from your mobile phone, TV, or personal computer and see your food choices change "automatically"!

  • "Firmation" Audios you can listen online, or download to your iPod. These help re-affirm your decision to END your "bondage" to food, and to live a healthy life at your desired weight!

  • "Written Exercises" these short, but highly effective written exercises will help you realize that you CAN lose weight, keep it off, and live the life you’ve only dreamed about!


"YoMetrics" – You’ll receive SIX (6) complete YoMetrics workout videos. Here’s where I personally guide you through YoMetrics workouts and "de-stress" breathing techniques. No other exercises produce visible results as quickly as Yometrics!


"30 Second Fat Blaster Workouts"You’ll receive THIRTY SIX (36) Strategically Designed 30-Second Fat Blaster workouts. Video and written instructions walk you through Fat Blaster workouts. Develop lean muscles and turn your body into a literal “fat-burning machine” with these short, 30 second bursts (yes, you read that correctly… 30 SECONDS!)


"Eat-Smart" Nutrition Training – “The Mari Method” nutritional training EMPOWERS you with everything you need to know to quickly burn belly fat. And, you'll find that you lose fat WITHOUT feeling deprived!

helps burn belly fat in women and men


"Eat-Smart" Recipes!- Our website includes over 100 delicious, belly fat-busting recipes…with more added monthly.

belly fat burning recipes


"Personalized Attention" – Active support community where you get direct support and feedback from Mari Ann and other members of “The Mari Method”.


"Immediate Access" - During your membership you will be granted access to the EXACT Tools, Techniques and Exercises you must have to WIN your lifelong battle of the bulge! These tools are delivered to you in the Private Members area, with new material released incrementally each week.


"Weekly Instruction" - Using the power of the Internet, you'll receive step by step instructions as I take you by the hand and lead you through the MARI Method Online Bootcamp.

(You'll receive EVERYTHING you need to put you on the road to
permanent weight loss and fitness…all in the convenience of YOUR OWN HOME!)

Let’s Recap… (in very plain words) …What All
You’ll Be Getting When You Join MARI Method Online Bootcamp:

  • Step by Step Instructions for the 12-Week Program Intensive Program
  • Six (6) New YoMetrics Routines
  • Twelve (12) Weeks of 30-Second Fat Blaster Workouts
  • Complete EAT SMART Eating Program
  • 100′s of Delicious, Real Food Recipes (no low fat, zero taste stuff here!)
  • Meal Plans
  • Sample Menus
  • Tracking Programs
  • Access to private, interactive Community and forum
  • MARI Method Response Team for 1-1 questions
AND 12 Weeks of “Brain Training” Exercises and Videos (The Secret Key to Weight Loss Success that Other Programs completely ignore!)
You’ll receive everything you need to achieve permanent weight loss
delivered incrementally over a course of 12 weeks so that you stay on-track!
This helps ensure you lose the weight and keep it off this time!


You’ll then have continued access to the tools and community for as long as you decide to remain a member.

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