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Who Am I, and Why Should You Listen to Me?

Mari Ann Lisenbe lose fat stomach after learning how to burn belly fat My name is Mari Ann Lisenbe and I am a certified Yogafit Instructor. I have taught yoga for over 7 years.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Yeah, I know that has nothing to do with fitness or nutrition, but when I was in school, the only “nutrition” degree offered was for “Hospital Dietician”. And, if you’re into nutrition at all, you probably share my feelings about hospital food!

Instead, I’ve applied my use of the scientific method to study fitness, nutrition and health on my own. And, the things that I’ve learned are evident in my own life.

I Was Always a Chubby Child

Mari Ann Lisenbe as childEven though I was always active, I was still a chubby child. Then, when high school came along, and I fell into the cycle of binge eating and starving myself (thankfully, I could never get used to making myself throw-up!)
When I got to college, my weight skyrocketed. Within months, I had put on 45 lbs (which is a LOT when you are only 5’2 and your normal weight should be about 110).

In the years that followed, I lost weight when I got married, then put on weight when we had kids. Even when I did manage to lose weight, it was never healthy, and I only did it because my husband ragged on me all the time because his mom was extremely overweight, and he didn’t want me to get like that.

There was a period after our kids started school that I went back to college. During this time, I did manage to keep my weight under control, but probably because I never had TIME to eat, and I walked constantly when at school.
But, as soon as I entered the work-force, I quickly gained back 15-20 pounds. And, that’s where it remained until I was in my mid 40′s… and it all started falling apart.

My Body Was "Wreck-ed Up"!

women before learning to burn belly fatI’d had a bad car wreck when our 2nd child was born, and had injured my back. That injury, combined with the extra weight, and the constant sitting at my job as a computer programmer started to take a toll. Plus I started having mysterious leg pains.

Since there was no way I was going to consider back surgery, the doctors I went to were of no real help. Their only suggestion was to take pain pills. One doctor even wanted to put me on anti-depressives! I refused – but I have to admit, I was taking Advil by the handfuls.

That is when I decided to take drastic action. I started learning yoga, and went on a complete Vegan diet! The yoga helped me get my eating under control, and also helped with the back pain.

And, for the first time in my life, I lost so much weight that all my family became concerned that I’d resumed my bulimic ways again. Because they knew I was eating – in fact they saw me eating ALL the time (I’d found one of the keys I’ll be revealing to you in The MARI Method!)

It’s the FOOD! Duh!

The good news is that I had lost weight and had my back pain under control. The bad news is the pain in my legs, and the bloating problems got worse. A LOT worse.

So, I sought out a doctor who specializes in natural medicine.

My doctor found out that I was allergic to wheat. And what do Vegans eat?? WHEAT. A whole LOT of WHEAT! No wonder my leg pain had worsened and I was having all those bloating problems. The wheat was causing this weird inflammation throughout my whole body!

When all this happened, I began realizing that food not only affects our weight, but eating the wrong food for YOUR body can even cause severe health problems!

Once I learned to connect the foods I was eating with how that food made me feel things began to change. I no longer felt like I was "depriving" myself when I passed up something that I knew was going to end up making me feel terrible (or keep me fat)!

And, in a strange way, that was the beginning of The MARI Method.

I Made the Choice to Get Fit & Healthy! Then Spent the Next 7 Years Fine-Tuning The MARI Method

Mari Ann LisenbeOne of the tools that I developed for The MARI Method helps you quickly bring about this "mind-set" change by using a powerful combination of audios, videos and music. You’ll be surprised how much easier it is to change your thoughts about food when you use this sneaky technique!

And, then, there’s the exercises that I call "YoMetrics".

I mean, I love the effects of yoga – but found it nearly impossible to fit a 90 minute workout into my schedule 5 days a week!

So, I got the idea to combine yoga with isometrics!

With this combination, you can exercise for just 30 minutes, 3 times a week and get the same results as a 90 minute 5 day a week workout! You get the "mind-body" benefits of yoga with the rapid strength building of isometrics – and put your metabolism into over-drive. FAST!

Using the MARI Method, staying fit and healthy has become easy for me! Now, instead of feeling "deprived"… I feel "empowered". And I like that feeling! I make the choice to be fit and healthy, instead of being in bondage to food.

Are you ready to stop struggling with your weight
and get Fit AND Healthy?*

Join MARI Method and lose fat stomach

*WARNING: Side effects include increased energy & looking great in your clothes


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Janet at 5:14 am

the best!


Robert Rubino, DC at 7:08 am

Hello Mari,

Enjoyed looking over your website.
My Wellness Center has recently got into weight loss services for our patients.
We are both the same age and you look great by the way!

Keep on helping others feel and look better Mari!



Linda Menaugh at 3:43 pm

I am so thankful that you created the Brain Train videos, the Yometrics, and the IFBB’s!!!!!!!!


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