Lose Stomach Fat the Natural Way

by Mari Ann on June 28, 2010


When you want to lose your fat stomach, you must learn to control overeating. But, does this mean you have to resort to a starvation diet? Absolutely not! There are many ways to curb overeating without resorting to a starvation diet.

Actually, most experts agree that attempts to starve yourself in order to lose weight may cause you to gain weight once you resume normal eating habits. Just look at public personalities like Kirstie Alley and Oprah Winfrey! They go on these crazy diets where they starve themselves, or only eat specially prepared foods. Then, as soon as they try to eat real food again, their weight shoots right back up. They lose their fat stomach for a short while, but then put on even more belly fat in the long run.

If you really want to lose a fat stomach, and keep it off, learning controlled eating is the best. When this happens, you develop good habits that will never leave you. Even if you fall away from the natural way of eating for short periods (think holidays), you can easily return to your good habits for every day eating.

Some ideas to help you control your eating:

1. Portion Control – Controlling your portions is the first step to control overeating. Start by paying attention to the portion size listed on the item you’re eating! Then, wait 20 minutes to decide if you really are still hungry. You’ll be surprised to find out that usually you can stop with just that one serving.

2. Eat Salads – A mixed salad goes a long way in helping you feel full. Just be careful that you don’t blow it by smothering your salad with a sugary salad dressing. Many attempts to lose stomach fat are completely shattered by sugar. So, if in doubt, always ask if the dressing contains sugar. After your salad, you’ll find it easier to eat a normal sized entree. And, if you’re eating at a restaurant, you will save money by taking 1/2 your entree home for the next day!

3. Share Entrees at Restaurants – Speaking of restaurants, we all know that most restaurants serve incredibly large portions of their entrees. Plan ahead to either split an entree with your dining companion or get a carry-out box in advance. (Pack up 1/2 the entree, then set it aside). Also, some restaurants now let you order a half portion of an entree at a reduced price. So, save money and lose stomach fat at the same time!

4. Eat Often – It’s been proven that when you eat several small meals during the day, you’re less likely to binge on food in the evening. Nuts, low glycemic fruits and veggies are all great choices for between meal snacks. Plan ahead, and carry these items with you if you’ll be away from home.

5. Be Realistic – You’re choosing to eat healthy most of the time. But, give yourself the freedom to have a special “treat yourself day” at least once a month. This will help keep you from feeling deprived. It also can help to prevent plateaus! So, yes, you can lose stomach fat, and enjoy a party, too. Just make sure your party doesn’t become an everyday occurrence.

When you realize that you are in control, and that you are choosing to eat healthy because you want to feel good, it makes sticking to your plan much easier. Soon, you’ll notice the belly fat melting away and your self-esteem growing! And, this will happen without feelings of deprivation.

Follow the steps outlined above, and, you, too, can lose stomach fat the natural way!


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